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We are a bunch of volunteers from start-up world who would want to ensure that, no Indian should strave and stuggle to have access too nutritious food on their plates due to lack of information during such an devastating crisis like CoronoVirus-19 outbreak, which has deprived lot of people from their incomes. Particulary people from lower income group, migrant labourers, homesless people and other sections of the society are the most vulnerable.

So, we believe this website will easily help anyone across India to locate Free Food centers and guide the needy people avail their daily meals. Further, It would also help NGOs, Individuals, Group of people organising food distrution to reach needy through us, as we strongly believe citizen will own-up and help the needy with directions to local food centers around them without them having to travel larger distances

Hence, We are actively seeking voluneeter who could join us to Develop and maintain the website. Ideally we are looking for Full-stack Engineers, Cloud hosting experts and Outreach Volunteers

We are also aggressively looking for Food Organisers who can list themselves with us, So that the food reaches the right people, It does not matter if you can serve 5 or 1,000 people. Any kind of help feeds a needy person who wil not go hungry

1. Any Individual cooking from home
2. Group of people with small Kitchen
3. Restaurants or Hotels
4. NGOs
5. Goverments Centers
6. Religious Organisations
7. Social Clubs
8. Any institution who wants to organize free food

Please contact us on

Email: reach (@) zerofood.in


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